Lynn Wynne – Life Coach, Australia

Lindi, you appeared in our lives one day bringing with you a ‘something’ that I have since grown to know. The moment you entered our home that day I felt I would grow from this connection. You offered depth, compassion, understanding, connection and insight, all beautifully offered with love and the gift of your true essence. You were ‘real’ with me and I witnessed you make a difference in many people’s lives around me. I noted something in my core as I felt the gift you were giving me. I watched ‘your way’ with others and I knew something more about myself and life. I experienced you giving of yourself to me in a way that has made a difference in my life...and that will remain always as a reference within me. I know you were sent to us so we could take several breaths together in this lifetime...a true angel you are. Thank you!

Anso Taljaard – Clinical psychologist & Founder and owner of Magalies Wellness Centre, South Africa (Cancer survivor)

“Lindi helped me tremendously on so many different levels. She helped sort out the practical matters at hand, regarding my position, career and future plans that had become stagnant in the face of overwhelming adversity. She really went the extra mile, way beyond the scope of what I expected, and very important goals were achieved through her facilitation. She facilitated the transformation of my emotional liabilities into assets. She helped me gain insight, find new perspectives, process and find closure, healing old emotional wounds and imbalances that have impacted so negatively on my body and my life. I was empowered with techniques to better manage my experiences as I go through the treatment regime decided for me by the doctors at the hospital. I have much less anxiety and more peace of mind. Emotionally, I am unburdened from the negative forces that brought me to this place. I experience again, a greater sense of control, and once more, have a positive expectation of the future. I can strongly recommend her coaching. She is a caring, gifted healer that really goes the extra mile.”


Jaco vW

“Lindi is very professional in her work and her assessment of and approach to a situation is right on target. Her positive outlook and is contagious.”



Liliane Grace - Inspirational Author, Dynamic Speaker, Empowering Coach - Australia

"Dear, Most Special Lindi, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: First, the impact of those deep, blue eyes, your warm and loving nature, your profound generosity, weeks of coaching, giving me support, encouragement, empathy, compassion, your availability when I was down, your joy & celebration when I was up! Your words of wisdom and your loving spirit have won you a place in my heart forever.


Mrs AR

"“My coaching with Lindi made me realise who I really am, and what I’ve lost with life’s trials. I know now that I’m a unique person with outstanding qualities which I need to own again. I have buried so much of it so deeply that I’ve lost my confidence and self-worth. I know who I used to be, and I’m still that person. I just needed to dig a little to find true myself again.”