My name is Lindi

I am entrepreneur and dreamer with zest, passion, and an unshakable knowingness about our miraculous nature as human beings.

I’m here to ignite your imagination
stir your soul

and inspire and shift you to the future you deserve!

I work with successful people and courageous leaders who dare stretch the imagination, challenge boundaries and move beyond comfort zones. It asks for a journey through the heart, back to your authentic self, and into what you never thought possible! Living your true essence brings deep meaning to your life, and THAT is a gift to the world. We explore and dream the outrageous, the impossible, the simple, the beautiful or the downright daunting!

It is from this deepest part of you that miracles are created!

Why don’t we all live a fantastic dream- life?

Even when we’re wonderfully successful, we mostly allow our past experiences to define who we are, and that then becomes our story. We are NOT our stories of hardships, achievements, successes or failures. We are so much more than just the sum total of our experiences! I’m here to uncover your magic that’s greater than your success, your power that lies beneath your story, and your true essence that holds the secret to a deeply satisfying and meaningful life.


My Story

My early experiences deeply engrained a mother-load of fears, an overdose of insecurity and an ocean of confusion in me - I fully became the identity of the victim of emotional and sexual abuse, of not being nurtured or understood, whilst desperately craving love, attention, validation and worth.

After many years of failures and mistakes, searching, exploring and travelling both out into the world and inward to the deepest corners of my being, I slowly inched my way into some wisdom.

Waking up to the truth of my essence as a being, I understood what it really meant to take responsibility for my life. By changing my thoughts and perspectives, I changed my emotions, actions and whole life!

Only through owning the past and our stories can we take back the power we give away through blame, judgement, resentment, anger, fear, or playing victim. It’s not our challenges that define us, but how we choose to see and deal with them.

Once we start living from that deepest part of our being, we can create miracles and a life beyond our imagination, where anything can change, and everything is possible!

It might be small steps or a quantum leap; the rewards are sometimes beyond words!


“You are meant to live in joy and peace, with passion and meaning, and with a deep connection to self, others, and the earth.”

Perpetual learning

Growth and facilitating inspiring change really excites me! I’m a perpetual learner always seeking out the best Master-teachers.

Formal studies included:

• Certified Life Coach (Coach-U, CTP, USA - 2004);
• Parent Coaching (Deborah Phillips, USA - 2001);
• Small Business Management (Damelin, SA);
• Early child brain development (IAHP, USA);
• Hypnotherapy (SA);
• Continued formal, informal studies and passions include everything that makes us tick, business, neuroscience, quantum physics, green technology, eco & sustainable living, permaculture, and more.

“When you’re filled with joy, living from the deepest part of who you are, not only does everything in your life change, but you become a radiating light to the world.”


What you don’t know about me

Born and mostly bred under the hot African Sun, as a young, searching soul I went exploring:
Military training gave me confidence in my physical abilities. Working in the pharmaceutical and homeopathic industries ignited my interest in health matters.
Travelling in areas of an untouched Africa connected me to the pulse of Earth.
Spending a few months with a small group of San (Bushmen) taught me about integrity and connectedness.
Backpacking through Europe brought about courage, intuition and manifesting my needs.

As a public relations officer I witnessed the big need for, and value of communication. Living in various countries and continents brought deeper understanding of our human nature above circumstances, colour, culture, religion or wealth.
Running my own business showed me the beauty and importance of every relationship. Delving into quantum physics and ancient wisdom revealed whole new worlds, the science and nature of reality, and our true essence and potential. Learning to live sustainably on an exquisite piece of land taught me the value of nature as teacher, and of community and diversity.
My beautiful children taught me about authenticity, living in the now, and unconditional Love. Home-schooling my boys taught me about commitment and human potential.

As Personal Life Coach I experience receiving through the Gift of Giving. I remain a student of Life!